These competitions have been loads of fun. And I'd like to encourage everyone to consider what is being posted here. Please take some time and post quality material. Give this platform a reason for readers to keep coming back, to appreciate what they can learn or have an opinion on. Don't just post for the sake of points. Get creative, share your personality, your view, your questions, something with positive information.

Please don't just copy and paste. The more you put into it the more they'll seek you out. I've seen people do hundreds of tweets with very little results. Don't waste your time this way. No one reads boring stuff, or things they’ve seen over and over again.

Want to include the definitions of Reputation and Reputable
Reputation: An overall quality or character as seen by people in general; a public esteem or regard
Reputable: Honorable, respectable, estimable; reliable, and can be trusted. And these words were selected with this in mind.

We are still quite new here, and occasionally there is a double posting. Can you please help out and delete the extra one. Matt is on triple time, and I'm sure we can help lighten the load and tidy up a bit. Don't forget, once you've created your post, share it with all other platforms you are involved with. What a wonderful way to get our RAPIDS out to the masses. If you need ideas for topics feel free to contact me. I'd love to brainstorm with you.